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Who we are

Board of Directors
~ Cheryl Bear, Carrier Sekani, Musician, Pastor
~ Cornelius Buller, German CDN, Self-employed
~ Casey Church, Pottawotomi, Pastor, Albuquerque Native Fellowship
~ Adrian Jacobs, Cayuga
~ Wendy Peterson, Sect’y, Metis, Faculty, Providence Seminary
~ Shari Russell, Treas., Saulteaux, Corps Officer, Salvation Army
~ Andrea Smith, Cherokee, Faculty, U of C Riverside
~ Randy Woodley, Keetowah, Faculty, George Fox Seminary
Staff and Associates
~ Ray and Elaine Aldred (Cree)
~ Tom and Karen Bursma (Euro-American)
~ Laurie Conway (Euro-American)
~ Celine & Hector Bastien Genest (Huron/French Canadian)
~ Wes & Summer Graham (Euro-American)
~ Matt LeBlanc, (Mi’kmaq/Acadian)
~ Terry and Bev LeBlanc (Mi’kmaq/Acadian)
~ Dan & Jeanine Lowe LeBlanc (Irish American/Mi’kmaq/Acadian)
~ Rick and Linda Martin (Cree)
~ Michelle Nieviadomy (Cree)
~ Tim & Yin Mooi Stime (Norwegian & Malaysian)
~ Karen & Jeff Ward (Euro-Canadian)
~ Deborah Faith Dimaano (Filipina)
~ Gabs Sagaral (Filipina)
~ Jeremy Simons (Euro-American)
~ Kharla Acosta (Filipina)

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Who we are