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About Indigenous Pathways

Indigenous Pathways is a non-profit charitable organization whose purpose is to provide practical support to Indigenous people, their families and communities. We facilitate the health and well-being of Indigenous people through an improved capacity to effectively respond to contemporary challenges. Our aim is to create a better future.

Historic economic, cultural, and social barriers continue to manifest themselves in Indigenous life, limiting access to appropriate resources, hindering community efforts to bring a positive change to their experience of health and well-being. Indigenous Pathways introduces a way forward through training, community engagement, formal education, and counselling support programs.
Rooted in Indigenous life and values, we are simultaneously framed by our faith as followers of the Jesus Way. We offer our own stories of this experience as a way for others to find their way as well.

Decades of work as community practitioners by the staff and Board of indigenous Pathways have contributed to the development of a collection of ministries aimed at individual, family, and community well-being for indigenous peoples. We are rooted in the desire to live in right relationship with our Creator, right relationship with other human beings, and right relatedness and relationship with the rest of creation.

Indigenous Pathways is the home to a family of ministries, that seek, each in their own areas of expertise, to bring a message of health and well-being to the wider indigenous community.

Voices from Indigenous Pathways

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Tying our three entities together under Indigenous Pathways, with the variety of foci and ministries we’re involved with makes great sense. We and those we work with—as well as you, our supporters—will be even more encouraged as you see them all working together for one common purpose.
Tim Stime
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Indigenous Pathways- three avenues of great ministry. I believe in what NAIITS is all about as they inspire learning, studying and thinking in ways that are so desperately needed. iEmergence is doing radical work coming from the energy of youth bringing important new insights from fresh minds in touch with todays’ and yesterdays’ culture and mind set. My People has many years of experience in walking with Indigenous communities dealing with the impact of colonization, residential and social crises. Indigenous pathways, a powerful balance between radical thinking and radical doing.
Rick and Linda Martin
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I’m glad to be a part of team with Indigenous colleagues serving their own people. Indigenous Pathways – A faith based organization desiring to develop the full capacity of Indigenous people. The IP team has a level of empathy, passion and experience that is making a difference in peoples lives and communities in Canada, US, Australia and other places in the world.
Karen Ward
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Indigenous Pathways is more than a name or title. These two words a) immediately recognize the proud and noble First People of the land, and b) speak to the common ground we all share during the journey of life. I see Indigenous Pathways as the hub of a wheel with My People, NAIITS and iEmergence as spokes, functioning together to give balance to that wheel. (Tom)
Karen and Tom Bursma
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What a humbling privilege to serve within Indigenous Pathways; alongside of so many experts in their field of work effective all over the world, passionate for presenting Christ in a clear and relevant way, and deeply committed to loving others just as our Creator intended.
Wes and Summer Graham